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Change Up - 7/16"  Sweet Iron Ported Lifesaver Bit by Reinsman

7 _" Cheeks, 5" Mouth. It's called the Change-Up for a reason! The mouthpiece is placed further forward than normal and, in doing so, this bit changes the horse's topline during the stop, for faster stops with more controlled precision. This bit has a quicker signal and allows the rider to really control the horse's nose. With more lift and greater encouragement of hock engagement, the swivel cheeks also enhance lateral flexion. The Sweet Iron Lifesaver Port is a unique mouthpiece with control in between a chain mouth and a hinge port. It provides more independent shoulder control along with tongue relief, allowing the rider to help the sensitive horse in the turn. Provides bar, tongue, palate and curb tension, while the loose ring pre-signals the horse for better balance. This bit is rated high for lift and encourages greater hock engagement. A "must have" bit for Ropers, Speed Event and Reined Cow Horse Riders.  

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