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Knee and Hock Support Wrap by STAYONS 1Pack

Knees: Just soak our leg wrap as usual, but place it around & just above the knee joint. Snug the remainder of the poultice wrap below the knee, around the lower leg. The red wrap's closure straps are placed just above the knee, and snugged using the wide & secure 'hook & loop' straps. Allow about an inch or so of the poultice wrap to remain visible above the support. Then snug the remaining red wrap around the leg, below the knee. Place a standing bandage below the knee, as it is usually applied, for added support to secure. Package comes with 1 re-usable, washable support wrap. With knee joints, ensure tension is applied ONLY across the FRONT of the knee. Never use tension behind the knee. For Hocks: See our application video link below, for use with front or back of the hock issues...  

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