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Poultice Leg Wraps by STAYONS 4 Pack

STAYONS leg wraps combine both bentonite and kaolin clays plus Epsom salt, uniquely blended in a specific patent pending ratio with a gelling agent that provides a long-lasting, wet poultice. The wraps remain wet longer than you might expect. We recommend checking ~ 18-24 hours. If the wrap is still wet, you can simply rewrap the leg for additional poultice time, if needed.

DUAL ACTION - provides support for short term & longer term issues. Soaking the wrap in ice water provides effective immediate support for acute injury/inflammatory conditions, while providing poultice benefits for the longer term effects. Two way support all in one step. No need to remove cold wraps & apply poultice - STAYONS leg wrap uptake and hold the ice water, then slowly warms while the poultice blend provides its benefits. Win-win - without the mess.

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